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Haizhi Bu Founder, Chairman and CEO


DMPK and PKPD                                        Metabolite Profiling and ID

Bioanalytical Chemistry                               ADME-Assisted Drug Screening

ADME-Assisted Lead Optimization                Drugability Evaluation

Dr. Bu has had 30 years of scientific and managerial experience in drug discovery and development in major pharmaceutical and CRO companies. At Covance, Dr. Bu deeply learned how a top CRO company would satisfy clients with premier services. At Pfizer, Dr. Bu participated in the discovery and development of a number of drug candidates and two anticancer drugs, Sunitinib (2006) and Axitinib (2011), and won two prestigious awards, the James R. Gillette Best Drug Metabolism Paper Award of 2005 (ASPET) and the W. E. Upjohn Award in Innovation of 2006 (Pfizer). In addition, Dr. Bu has published over 60 original papers and invited reviews in ADME and bioanalytical sciences.

In 2008, Dr. Bu resigned from Pfizer and immediately returned to Suzhou, China, to build up 3D BioOptima (圣苏圣苏新药开发有限公司), providing specialized services in DMPK, PKPD, and bioanalytical sciences. With his extensive R&D experience, over the past ten years, Dr. Bu has been providing high value-added consulting activities for current and potential clients free of charge.

Steve Guo Chief Operational Officer (COO)


Analytical Chemistry

Regulatory Affairs

Quality Control

25+years of drug developmental experience in Synsorb Biotech, Biomira, and Merck Sorono.

Xiaohong Liu Vice President DMPK and Pharmacology





7 years of medical practices in Bethune Medical University and 18 years of R&D experience in Pfizer, HD Biosciences, and Viva Biotech.

John Pan Vice President Bioanalytical Chemistry


Bioanalytical Chemistry

LC-MS/MS Lab Operation

GLP/GCP Regulations

20+years of working experience in multinational CRO companies, including Covance, Charles River, and PPD.

Liang Han Associate Director (Project Management)


DMPK Study and Management

GLP Regulatory Affairs

R&D Process Management

12 years of working experience in DMPK study and project management.

Dexiao Yang Associate Director (DMPK and Pharmacology)


In-Vitro Activity Screening

Animal Disease Models

Animal PKPD Models

12 years of working experience in pharmacology and DMPK studies.

Changliang Hu Associate Director (PK Bioanalysis)


LC-MS/MS Bioanalysis

Method Development/Validation

LC-MS/MS Lab Operation

6+ years of working experience in bioanalysis and BA lab operation.

Kaiyang Tang Assistant Director (Information Management System)


Process Planning & Modeling

Digital Process Management

Digital Performance Management

3 years of working experience in process management in the pharma/CRO environment.

Who We are

3D BioOptima is committed to providing optimized solutions and value-added services for small and large molecular new drug projects for customers.

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